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Being Here Now, the Present Moment August 18, 2012

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August is the peak of the summer, a time when the season brings almost-fruition to the previous months’ endeavors. I am speaking of my own work completed as an artist this year so far. All the work I had to do for my recent solo art show was completed at the end of July, delivered, framed, and catalogued. The show went on and was a huge success with around 300 people coming out to see my work. Yes, there were sales as well as countless favorable comments. But this isn’t the reality of success.

Success is the path itself, the path leading to one’s own personal vision. It includes all the trials, failures, frustrations, and tears along with the insights, the ‘ah-ha!’ moments, the joys and well-wishes from those who supportĀ our

Art Show 2012

process. It can’t be any other way…this is life, the reality of struggling and staying with the process. Never give up. Never give up, and again, never give up! Each moment is a brilliant moment no matter what it looks like to others. Being present in the here and now is the only way to attain the richness of your own journey in the incremental moments that lead to inspiration, revelation, dedication and achievement. Without all of this in place success is only a wish.

I don’t wish away my life, I show up every day with a thought to attend to whatever this day alone will bring. I keep working at what I love doing. For me, there’s nothing else I would rather be than who I am, doing what I love…being an artist.