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Being Here Now, the Present Moment August 18, 2012

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August is the peak of the summer, a time when the season brings almost-fruition to the previous months’ endeavors. I am speaking of my own work completed as an artist this year so far. All the work I had to do for my recent solo art show was completed at the end of July, delivered, framed, and catalogued. The show went on and was a huge success with around 300 people coming out to see my work. Yes, there were sales as well as countless favorable comments. But this isn’t the reality of success.

Success is the path itself, the path leading to one’s own personal vision. It includes all the trials, failures, frustrations, and tears along with the insights, the ‘ah-ha!’ moments, the joys and well-wishes from those who support our

Art Show 2012

process. It can’t be any other way…this is life, the reality of struggling and staying with the process. Never give up. Never give up, and again, never give up! Each moment is a brilliant moment no matter what it looks like to others. Being present in the here and now is the only way to attain the richness of your own journey in the incremental moments that lead to inspiration, revelation, dedication and achievement. Without all of this in place success is only a wish.

I don’t wish away my life, I show up every day with a thought to attend to whatever this day alone will bring. I keep working at what I love doing. For me, there’s nothing else I would rather be than who I am, doing what I love…being an artist.


Places in the Summer Sun July 15, 2012

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Cool Water 1

 My newest show ‘Places in the Summer Sun’ will be featured at the Art Beat Gallery this August. I have painted several locations capturing impressions of the height of the season’s light during summer. These paintings are showing a new turn in my artistic development. I had always been attracted to pattern created by light/dark, cool/warm contrasts. In my years as an artist, I had tried many different ways to capture what I was seeing and in the process had tried to emulate other great painters’ styles. Well, this works to a degree but it just wasn’t satisfactory.

In my journey, what I have learned is that passion, perseverance, and not giving up even when the going is very frustrating is worth the effort to stay the whole way. My work has, I feel, now become my own voice. In other words, I am now singing my own song. I have learned from many great artists and all have contributed to my skills and development. I no longer paint pictures of nice places, etc. I paint from my heart. I let the painting tell me what it needs to say. This is my expression of what I see. I am fully engaged with my creative process utilizing everything I know to this point in my journey, how to get that painting the way it needs to be stated. These new pieces in my show are the result of my  believing in what I know to be true for me.

A Short Note May 19, 2012

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Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl EarringI’ve just returned from Europe and have been freshly inspired by all the wonderful art and paintings I saw. It is overwhelming in some ways, simply because there was so much to take in. However, since I am currently painting like my hair is on fire for my upcoming exhibition in August, and for a new gallery, current work I have done is still on the easel and/or drying. As I get closer to the opening day, I will post some of these paintings into my gallery sections.

What I did discover in Europe was how well preserved many of the famous paintings were. The art museums that own them have gone to great lengths to recover, through careful cleaning and specially finishing the surfaces of many of them, the original state these paintings would have looked upon completion. For example, the saturation of Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ was outstanding in its freshness, color intensity, and emotional appeal. It could have been painted yesterday. It was certainly one of my favorites in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The brillance and skill of these artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Eyck, and so many more of the Dutch and Flemish masters in particular, still defines, to me, the importance of classical training. Their understanding of all the elements of what makes a great painting is still the standard we use today. Viewing their work has re-inspired my direction and the seriousness of how I wish to pursue my own work. I can say with certainty that I wlll be re-acqainting myself with these great works over and over again.