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The Gallery in the Oak Bay Village, Victoria, B.C. – email them at: thegallery@shaw.ca . This is a commercial art gallery in an upscale district in Victoria that represents my  B.C. landscapes.

http://www.deltaart.ca – One of the best art supply stores in Alberta! They always have an on-going sale with overall great prices on everything, particularly on canvasses. John and his staff are extremely knowledgeable about everything to do with art materials of all kinds. John is particularly up-to-date on anything to do with the chemical side of materials and all the components that make up varnishes, paints, solvents, etc. Oh, and they are very friendly to chat with. I enjoy stopping by regularly to see what new ‘goodies’ John has stocked his shelves with. It is unlikely for me to get out of there in less than one hour.

http://visualartsalberta.ab.ca – This is the site of a great Edmonton support network for artists. Lots of information and events are always taking place with them.

http://www.painterskeys.com – This is the site of Robert Genn’s art community, one of Canada’s best landscape artists who has created a virtual art community with tons of great tips, advice, and inspired comments.

http://www.visualartmoves.com – This is the location of one of my favorite art schools in Edmonton, Arta Art School. I currently teach oil painting for all levels of students. These classes are for the serious student and it is one place where the solid fundamentals of art are emphasized. There are classes from beginner to advanced levels of art development  in all mediums. Students can sign up for single workshops, longer term classes, or even apprentice with Frank Haddock in his two-year program. Many students come out of this school with a solid foundation as a skilled artist and have gone on and been accepted into good art galleries.

http://www.paintspot.ca – This is another gem of an art store! It is situated in the heart of Edmonton’s busiest district for independently owned shops close to the University. Check out their website for the annual Art Walk which they host – its a great event in our City and it continues to get larger every year.



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