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Overlook Point, 12in x 16 in, oil on canvas

Overlook Point, 12in x 16in, oil on canvas



1. Pat - September 29, 2010

Love your work, unfortunately I wasn’t able to take your class at Paint for Joy in September. Hopefully you will teach another one after Christmas. Love your colors.

bevbunker - September 30, 2010

Hi Pat…thanks for the vote! I am hoping to do more instruction after Christmas. The classes I’m doing right now are coming along very well. I hope you can join up then.

2. Marian Preshing - November 5, 2010

Your oil paintings are amazing. As a fellow Japanese embroidery student, I look forward to seeing your artistry applied to the fibre medium in your quest for Nuido.

bevbunker - November 8, 2010

Thanks Marian! It will be another avenue to explore!

3. Christine - March 9, 2011

Hi Beverly~ Once again, very nice, I admire all your work. Rachel’s Girls is a very lovely piece!

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