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Transitions in Brushwork April 13, 2011

Posted by Bev Bunker in Uncategorized.

Starting this month and in the following months I’m taking the time to seriously work on developing my brushwork….becoming more direct with the marks and leaving them alone as I place them on the canvas. Sounds simple but its not that easy. I came out of a style of working as a graphic artist where everything was very carefully, precisely placed and viewed and reviewed over and over. A lot of my work had to go into publication, so to get things right for the printers I had to be certain that everything was exact.

Coming into painting as a fine artist at the end of the last decade was a largely undefined process for me.  My work has recently moved away from carefully blended colors to create shape and form into brushwork that is responding intuitively to values and shapes in the landscape. I am seeing what is there and working on directly placing those ‘impressionistic’ marks as my color notes. This process is extremely exciting and renewing for me. I don’t pick my subject matter the same way as I used to which was by what the subject itself was. Now I let the subject choose me by responding to the light/dark contrasts and emotive first impression.  In order to advance this learning,  I will be undertaking en plein air painting….painting outside directly from nature.  I’m looking forward to it come rain or shine!

Calm Before the Storm



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