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A Gift From the Heart February 4, 2011

Posted by Bev Bunker in Uncategorized.

There is something a little nostalgic about this painting called ‘Rachel’s Girls’ and the light that played upon the children’s clothing as they stood in the hayfield. I recalled times when I was a child and our family visited the farm of a relative. My personal joy was to go out into the field by myself and just stand there and smell the hay or flowers – sometimes even a whiff of cow poo! It was, in my recollection, the best of days when we were able to leave the city and go there and I could just run to that area, sit in the sun, and soak up the country farm atmosphere. When I saw the photo of these little girls, I felt I had to make a painting of it.

‘Rachel’s Girls’ are in fact the ‘real’ Rachel’s children….the sister-in-law of my daughter. Sometimes in an artist’s life we feel we have to gift someone with a painting because of various reasons….this is one of those times when it felt ‘right’ to do so. I was very happy with it when it was completed, but I also knew I could not let someone else own it – me included. So it was a delight for me when I surprised Rachel and her husband with the announcement that this painting is to be theirs. Rachel and Les…enjoy!



1. Rachel VanAssen - February 5, 2011

Thank you Bev, from the bottom of our hearts! You truly captured the moment in you beautiful painting. We are overjoyed and so honored to be given this as a present, and cannot express our thanks enough.
The light, the movement of the wheat in the field, the curiosity of our two little girls as they played in the afternoon sun…

bevbunker - February 5, 2011

Thank you Rachel! It was a joy to do this painting…and to gift you with it!

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