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Winter Wonderland December 10, 2010

Posted by Bev Bunker in Uncategorized.


What a beautiful season winter is. I love the soft sound of gently falling snow…especially those fat, fluffy snowflakes. The sound of snow crunching under your feet….the crisp bite of cold air, the mist around your face when you breathe….it is all part of this awesome season.

It is also a time to hibernate, at least for me, and to consider new painting themes, explore more push/pull with color (Spring will come!), and just take a bit of personal time to evaluate upcoming projects. I would love to paint outside doing plein-air paintings, but oils just don’t cut it very well when it is minus-17 degrees Celsius – in fact, neither do my fingers! I have been able to get out for photo references…I’ll see what happens.

As I write this, I’m bundled up in my favorite red shawl my young daughter gave to me as a gift and drinking my Irish Cream flavored coffee. I’m looking out my window at the snow gently falling and adding to the 6 inches we received in the last day. Everything looks one color today, and everything feels very still. I am slowly working myself towards my studio to finish my last commission of the year, a project I’m enjoying to do and also will be happy to complete. My reward for finishing…a long warm bubble-bath, a couple of chocolate truffles, and then settle down to read a good book. Merry Christmas everyone!



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